Supervise docker containers with systemd

For my work on OpenAppStack I’m dealing with Kubernetes a lot, and it’s fun ! However, it’s a super complex monster which can overwhelm you pretty easily. You need to learn a lot of new concepts, and I’m far from fully understanding every component it contains. Running applications in containers is not only good for isolation but also because containers ship all dependencies bundled, so you don’t need to clutter your host system with dependent (debian) packages. [Read More]


When you work in a distributed team sometimes it’s hard to find overlapping hours that you can actually work together. Don’t get me even started on the daylight saving madness, when all countries your collegues work in change DST at different moments ! Here are a few small tools that make my life easier. Displaying local times in differnt timezones It’s as easy as this: $ echo "Bogota: $(TZ=America/Bogota date)" Bogota: Fri Feb 23 05:32:36 -05 2018 I use this little script to have an overview of local times in different locations: [Read More]

Permanent remote IRC session with tmux and weechat

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a popular chat protocol that is widely used in FOSS development. But different timezones and the fact that not everyone is online 24⁄7 makes communication hard when you have a setup that forces you to quit and re-join the chat frequently (when shutting down your laptop, moving to another location etc.) It doesn’t make sense to enter a room, ask a question, and leave 3 hours after, before anyone could answer because they are located on the other side of the world and are just waking up. [Read More]